UTVs and Golf Carts
The City of Odessa passed an ordinance in December of 2018 to regulate the use of UTVs and golf carts in order to improve safety for both the operators of such devices and others on the road. To drive a UTV or golf cart within Odessa city limits, the vehicle must first be inspected by the Police Department located at 310 S First Street between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. You will then go to City Hall at 125 S 2nd Street to complete the application and pay the annual fee of $15 per vehicle to receive your vehicle sticker. Here are some of the requirements when driving a UTV or golf cart in Odessa:

* must have the UTV/golf cart insured

* must have a valid driver’s license

* must have an orange flag flying above the vehicle

* must have the annual sticker displayed on the vehicle

* must have all the necessary operating equipment as described in the ordinance

* may operate only with the amount of riders as there are seats

* UTVs must follow all speed limit, traffic signs, etc

* golf carts cannot operate faster than 20 mph and must follow all traffic signs, etc

* golf carts cannot operate on State highways (131/2nd St, OO hwy, and 40 hwy); they can only cross State highways

* ATVs (4-wheelers) are not allowed to be driven in city limits at all except for snow removal, yard maintenance, and special events and must have a special City permit

Click here to read the ordinance in it's entirety.