General Information
City Administrator
Shawna Davis
Finance Director
Amy Finch
City Clerk / Human Resources
Karen Findora
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
228 S 2nd Street

Capital Improvement

5 - Year Capital Improvement Plan 

The Board of Aldermen reviews and adopts a 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan on an annual basis during the budget process. The Capital Improvement Plan is a tool used to analyze and plan for capital needs for a 5-year time frame. The plan is made up of one-time capital expenses which include land/buildings, infrastructure, fleet/vehicles and/or equipment necessary to maintain the assets of the City. The Capital Improvement Plan includes capital expenses for the Electric Fund, Water Fund, Wastewater Fund and the Capital Improvement Fund. The Capital Improvement Fund utilizes a 1/2 cent capital improvement sales tax for revenue and houses capital expenses for City Hall, Police, Parks and Streets. 

Annual Street Improvement Plan 

Each year the Street Department works to determine which streets are necessary to be paved or chip-sealed based on need. The Street Improvement Plan is 100% funded by the Transportation Fund. This Fund utilizes a 1/2 cent transportation sales tax for revenue and houses the street plan, as well as other transportation projects such as the grant-funded downtown sidewalk improvement project.