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Utility Meter Readings

Utility meters are read once a month around the 18th of the month. There are circumstances that may prevent us from reading your meters, such as:

  • Locked gates
  • Threatening dogs
  • Covered or blocked meters
  • Certain landscaping and structures

Your Responsibility

Maintaining safe and easy access to meters helps us to ensure an accurate reading, which leads to accurate billing. Please remember, it is your responsibility to grant access to the meter location and to arrange for the safety of city employees while they service your meters.

  • If your yard is fenced and you normally keep a gate locked, let the meter reader know how he or she can enter to access your meter. You can also contact City Hall with this information.
  • Always keep dogs restrained and away from the meter during monthly meter reading visits.
  • Do not construct decking or other structures that block access around your meters.
  • When you're landscaping, keep your meter in mind and remember that new plants will grow and spread.

If the meter reader can’t access your meter, your utility usage will have to be estimated. Any inaccuracies will be adjusted in a later month. If you have any questions or concerns about the access to your meter, please contact City Hall.