Odessa Justice Center Needs Assessment

The Odessa Police Department currently operates out of a building constructed in 1947 that was previously used as the school shop classroom when the 1912 School Building next door to it was in operation. The building is about 1,850 square feet in size with only 900 square feet of usable work space. To keep pace with Odessa’s continued growth and needs, it is anticipated that personnel will continue to increase. It was agreed by Odessa city leadership that the current police headquarters lacked sufficient space to perform efficient police operations.

In early 2023, the Odessa Board of Aldermen authorized Police Facility Design Group to conduct a needs assessment to identify building deficiencies and how to address the city's long-term facilities needs. This resulted in a proposed Justice Center that would not only house the police department, but also municipal court, an emergency operations center, and a public storm/tornado shelter. The facility would address numerous inadequacies outlined in the needs assessment including:

Overcrowding: Providing adequate workspace for staff.

Safety and Security: Addressing safety, security, and accessibility deficiencies in the current building.

Parking Hazards: Eliminating the unsafe parking lot configuration which creates hazards between police vehicles and the public, both drivers and pedestrians.

Facility Usage: Addressing inadequate training facilities, evidence storage, and the lack of private interview rooms used with victims of crime.

Emergency Operations: Providing a vastly improved Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which is a critical component to managing public safety and security during major incidents.


The facility would be built at 104 E Dryden Street on the city-owned lot north of the old 1912 school building. The size and design of the proposed project are to be constructed to meet the staffing needs determined to occur within a 20-year period. This is standard planning to avoid costly additions in the future that would be required with planning for only immediate needs.