Community Engagement and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does the Odessa Police Department need a new station?

The Odessa Police Department currently operates out of a building constructed in 1947. It was previously used as the school shop classroom when the 1912 School Building next door to it was in operation. The building is about 1,850 square feet in size with only 900 square feet of usable work space. To keep pace with Odessa’s continued growth and needs, it is anticipated that personnel will continue to increase. It was agreed by Odessa city leadership that the current police headquarters lacked sufficient space to perform efficient police operations.

How will the community benefit from/be safer with a new police station?

Maximize Operational Efficiency

  • Sufficient space to conduct tasks without waiting for an area to be available, increasing productivity and time spent in the field.
  • Convenient storage locations to lessen time searching/retrieving needed items.
  • Municipal Court in the same building increases efficiency between operations that routinely interact.
  • Minimize energy costs by employing modern systems in the design.

Improve Skills Through In-Service Training

Sufficient space to increase the level of in-service training, maximizing the skills and abilities of department personnel.

Increased Safety and Security – Reduced Liability

  • Facility design utilizing modern technology such as video monitoring, as well as secure entrances and work areas, and designated fleet parking.
  • Enhance and maintain the “chain of custody” for evidence through proper design.

Increased Public Interaction and Relationships

  • Appropriate space for proper sight and sound separation, protecting discreet conversations and the exchange of information between officers and victims/witnesses.
  • A properly designed facility promotes interaction between the public and police, building a positive relationship with the community.

Improved Staff Recruiting and Retention

A modernized and efficient work environment leads to increased morale, improved job performance, employee retention, and enhanced recruiting.

Community Quality of Life Enhancement

  • As Odessa continues to grow, positions will need to be added to ensure a continuation of high-quality police services well into the future.
  • In addition to a space for municipal court, the facility will have an emergency operations center, and a much-needed public storm/tornado shelter.

How will the city pay for a new police station?

A half-cent cent public safety sales tax will be presented as a question to the voters on August 6, 2024. 

How was the size and design of the new facility determined?

The needs assessment was performed by Police Facility Design Group, an architectural firm whose exclusive focus is the planning and design of police/public safety facilities. As such, they understand the limitations deficient facilities have on the delivery of police services, as well as the evolving needs of the public safety industry. Their goal is to design an innovative and efficient facility that will serve its community for decades to come. 

The assessment revealed many deficiencies, but the most relevant was a serious lack of space, compounded by the fact that a substantial amount of the existing space is not of a quality that supports the department’s operations. Specific details on this process and how this was determined can be found in the 92-page needs assessment

Where will the new station be built?

104 E Dryden Street on the lot north of the old 1912 school building.

How long will the new facility last?

It is expected that under normal use it will last 50-70 years without renovations based on usage.

Can the police department renovate its existing facility?

No. Due to the building being over 75 years old, as well as its poor design and condition, it has reached the end of its usability. 

Did the city consider other locations for the new police station?

Yes, however, the chosen site is already owned by the City, so no additional money had to be spent on land. Plus the lot is in a prime location, just one block from the downtown area and City Hall.

Is the city considering selling the existing property where the police station is currently located or any other city property to help pay for the new station?

The existing property along with the 1912 school building has already been sold to a private developer to design and renovate into senior housing.

Are there any grant funds available to help pay for the costs?

The City is actively researching the availability of applicable grants. We intend to apply for all that qualify. It is important to note that most grants require an established funding source upfront and normally serve as reimbursement for money that has been spent.

I wasn’t able to attend one of the open house events to view the current police facility. How can I see the condition of the existing station?

We encourage you to schedule a tour by calling 816-633-7575 or sending us an email at You can also view photos of the current building here.