Street Department

Street Improvement Program

The City of Odessa’s 2020 Street Improvement Plan included both chip seal maintenance and full asphalt overlay for fourteen streets in Odessa. The City contracted with Vance Brothers Inc. for the chip seal maintenance portions of the project and completed North Wells, Cox School Road, East Main, Ninth Street (Golf to OO) and Fifth Street (Main to Dryden). The asphalt overlay projects have been performed by the City on the following streets – East Orchard, Ninth St/Marlow, Dyer, West Main, Owl Creek Parkway, Kirkpatrick, Fifth Street (College to Golf), Eighth Street, and West Montgomery. We are just as excited as you are to see freshly paved streets across Odessa and appreciate your patience as we strive to improve our community.

Snow and Ice Control

For snow and ice control, we apply a road salt and sand mixture. The sand provides traction on the snow and ice while the road salt works to melt it away. In order for the salt to melt the snow and ice, temperatures must be at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything less and the salt will not work. During a snow storm, city crews will normally begin treating the roads around 6:00 am on the morning of or the morning after the storm. The major streets of Main, Mason, Dryden, Johnson, Phillips, First, Third, North Fourth, South Fifth and South Ninth streets will be treated and plowed first. Other streets will be done as quickly as possible depending on the conditions. Please avoid parking vehicles on streets when snow is forecasted.