Water Service Line Inventory

Water Service Line Inventory 

The City of Odessa needs your assistance in conducting an inventory of lead service lines, as required by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. To conduct this inventory, we need to know the material composition of both the city's water system and the customer-owned portions of water service lines. To identify this information, you simply need to visually inspect the point where the service line enters your home and report your findings in the survey available below. 

How To Identify Service Line Materials: 

You will need a coin and a magnet to complete this test. 

1. Find the water shut-off valve. This is where the pipe comes from the outside enters your home and connects to your home's shut-off valve. Typically in the basement or lower level. 

2. If the pipe is painted, use sandpaper to expose the metal. Carefully scratch the metal pipe (like you would a lottery ticket) with a key or coin. Do not use a knife or other sharp tool. If the scratch turns a shiny silver color, it could be lead or steel. 

3. To determine if the pipe is lead or steel, get a strong refrigerator magnet. Place the magnet on the pipe. If the magnet sticks, it is a steel pipe. 

4. Now that you have identified the type of service line entering your home, please report your results. 



DNR - How to Identify Your Service Line Material Document