Residential Swimming Pool Wastewater Adjustment

Per City Ordinance 3102, the City of Odessa offers an adjustment to wastewater usage when a swimming pool with a total capacity of no less than 3,000 gallons is filled. One adjustment may be submitted a year. Required information needed for an adjustment/credit:

  • Approved pool permit issued from the City of Odessa
  • Date you completed filling the pool
  • Shape of the pool
  • Dimensions of the pool (diameter, depth, etc)
  • Capacity of the pool in gallons

The filling of a pool must be reported to the City of Odessa Utilities Department within two months of filling. But to ensure a timely credit, please report the filling as soon as possible.

How to Report the Filling of a Swimming Pool:

Fill out and submit the Residential Swimming Pool Wastewater Adjustment Application with the information listed above. Submit the application by email to, mail it to PO Box 128, Odessa, MO 64076, or drop off the application to City Hall at 228 S 2nd Street between the hours of 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Important Information on Adjustments:

Utility billing will need all the information listed above in order to be eligible for a pool adjustment.

Only one pool filling/partial filling will be credited on your bill in a calendar year.

The bill balance must be current in order to receive a pool adjustment (no past due balances).

A pool adjustment means you will pay for the water used, but the wastewater charges related to the pool filling will be credited.

Pool adjustments are credited after the pool adjustment is processed. It will appear on a future billing (not the bill the pool filling charges were incurred).