Benefits of a New Facility

The needs assessment from Police Facility Design Group highlighted many concerns with the current police facility, and how Odessa will benefit and be safer by having a new facility. These include:

Maximize Operational Efficiency

  • Sufficient space to conduct tasks without waiting for an area to be available, increasing productivity and time spent in the field.
  • Convenient storage locations to lessen time searching/retrieving needed items.
  • Municipal Court in the same building increases efficiency between operations that routinely interact.
  • Minimize energy costs by employing modern systems in the design.

Improve Skills Through In-Service Training

  • Sufficient space to increase the level of in-service training, maximizing the skills and abilities of department personnel.

Increased Safety and Security – Reduced Liability

  • Facility design utilizing modern technology such as video monitoring, as well as secure entrances and work areas, and designated fleet parking.
  • Enhance and maintain the “chain of custody” for evidence through proper design.

Increased Public Interaction and Relationships

  • Appropriate space for proper sight and sound separation, protecting discreet conversations and the exchange of information between officers and victims/witnesses.
  • A properly designed facility promotes interaction between the public and police, building a positive relationship with the community.

Improved Staff Recruiting and Retention

  • A modernized and efficient work environment leads to increased morale, improved job performance, employee retention, and enhanced recruiting.

Community Quality of Life Enhancement

  • As Odessa continues to grow, positions will need to be added to ensure a continuation of high-quality police services well into the future.
  • In addition to a space for municipal court, the facility will have an emergency operations center, and a much-needed public storm/tornado shelter.